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"Catchy and energetic"


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Sunday September 18th, 2016

Mundo Park heeft zijn/haar album gedeeld.

Gisteren... In het Badhûs...
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Foto's door Oscar Anjewierden van DO-PH.

Gisteren... In het Badhûs...

Sunday September 18th, 2016

Mundo Park heeft 6 nieuwe foto's toegevoegd aan het album MP @ Badhus, Westereen — bij Badhûs.

Foto's door Oscar Anjewierden van DO-PH.
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Foto's door @[869165579:2048:Oscar Anjewierden] van @[1567537920172086:274:DO-PH].

Fotos door Oscar Anjewierden van DO-PH.

Saturday September 17th, 2016

Mundo Park heeft een evenement van Badhûs gedeeld.

Vanavond in Westereen, mogen wij bij de opening van poppodium Badhûs de tent meteen weer afbreken.

Zie je daar!!
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Openingsweekend Badhus

Openingsweekend Badhus

September 16, 2016, 2:00pm


Met een overweldigend leuk programma voor jong en oud, openen wij het 'nieuwe' Badhus. Met op de vrijdag een fantastisch programma voor de kinderen met een talentenshow en een drive-in disco. Met medewerking van Op de zaterdagavond is er popmuziek met bands als 4 Twenty, Mundo Park, Dave Vermeulen & Voltage en Tess & her Highway Patrol. Presentatie: Willem Waldpyk De zondag starten we om 17.00uur met stand-up comedy van Douwe Gerlof Stand Up Cabaret en met singer-songwriters als Elske DeWall, Leonard Ford en YVI. Kom kennis maken met onze te gekke nieuwe grote zaal en andere ruimtes. Wie weet is het wat voor je om in de toekomst je activiteiten bij ons te herbergen.

Openingsweekend Badhus

"Compact structures and strong hooklines"


Wasted (official video)






Wasted Cover

Wasted (single)




Let's Unite (single)




CoF hoes

City on Fire (single)





Energy (single)



"The uptempo indierock is more fierce than before, yet enriched with bits of atmospheric postrock, dance and even a ballad."


"Simplicity and tranquility go hand in hand with dense layering and stadiumlike bombast."



History of the band

 MUNDO PARK, in the game since 2010, consists of five high school friends. In between busy normal life and separated by physical distance, they managed to meet every weekend, build their own studio, write a full length album and pre-record it independently. The first single of the – yet untitled – effort is entitled ‘LET’S UNITE’ and was released digitally on May 20, 2016.

Catchy melodies, compact structures and strong hooklines remain key elements, yet the packaging has changed. The uptempo indierock is more fierce, yet enriched with bits of atmospheric postrock and dance. Simplicity and tranquility go hand in hand with dense layering and stadiumlike bombast. The addition of synthesizers, real strings and percussive elements deepens the sound. The actual recording took place in 2015 at Split Second Sound in Amsterdam with producer Jochem Jacobs, who was previously involved in the works of Guus Meeuwis and Intwine.

During the first years of their existence, the band delivered two singles, entitled Energy and City On Fire. Those lead to four live performances at 3FM, Holland’s leading radio station, as well as performances at the Eurosonic, Oerol and Freeze festivals. The music was also included in two episodes of the famous Dutch tv-show A’dam  E.V.A. In 2016, the world will be able to enjoy as much Mundo Park as possible through new music, video’s and live shows. 2016 already brought gigs with Moke, MakeBelieve and Sunday Sun!



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